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Friday, March 23, 2012

Special Needs? Reach Out And Touch.

When most people think virtual school, they probably would not link it to special needs students. Teacher Marissa Rega of Clairview School in Greensburg, PA, figured she would have to start with the basics in teaching students how to use new devices like the ipad or ipod. Imagine her surprise when she handed out the devices and the kids just started using them. According to eSchool News, the students are engaged for the entire 20 minute period. Rega says, "You can't hold them for two minutes when you're standing in front of them."

The primary students are learning about strangers, and the secondary students are learning about job applications. Both are practical applications they will need when out in the world.

For less than $200.00, there's even an application that helps non-verbal kids communicate. The article, in today's eSchool News, ends by saying, "It's a blessing." Indeed.

Devices and applications like the ipad and ipod will continue make it easier for all kinds of students to school virtually. I think that's pretty exciting news.

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