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Monday, April 30, 2012

Flipping a Coin for College

One thing I am always telling parents is to be early. Be early choosing your classes for the new school year. (We're already thinking about it, in May.) Be early registering. Pick the first date for that orientation meeting, so you can fall back on the second or third. (Isn't it Murphey's Law that someone will fall sick?)

This applies to college, too. If you have a child in 8th grade, you should be thinking about college. What? 

In my state, students can dual enroll in 9th grade. Yes, you can fulfill gen ed requirements in the first few semesters, as long as your child gets in the classes you choose. If you are a registered homeschooler, in Florida, these classes are free. If your child is taking the classes as part of a public or private school, they may be free as well. However, the students who don't pay are the last students to choose classes. What a shame to not be able to apply the credit to your child's chosen field of study.

You can go to just about any college website and look at the degree program your child is interested in. Print it out and put it in a folder or notebook. That way, you'll have it when you need it.

In an article in today's New York Times Education section, a couple of high school seniors just aren't sure where they're going yet. "I finally visited U.G.A. a couple of weeks ago, and I wish I had done it sooner." says  Clare Tiarsmith who, along with another classmate, is blogging about the process. "The truth is, I have no idea where all my time went. Senior year has gone by faster than I had ever anticipated, despite the warnings I heard from so many before me." 

Eric Eichelberger , also in his senior year, had this to say, "Where did senior year go? I feel like someone pressed a fast-forward button from August to April. I blinked, and my college application process was over — except for the decision...Having visited barely any schools, I spent hours flipping through books and searching through Web sites, trying to find my match."

Clare ends her post for today by saying a friend told her to flip a coin, and if she can't figure it out, she's "flipping that coin." 

Seems like a lot of stress in addition to everything else a senior has to deal with. We'll start visiting colleges in my daughter's junior year, in hope of alleviating some of the decision making worrying. Of course, she'll change her mind a week before graduation. I think I better invest in a carton of Tums. 

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