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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Teachers Texting

A lot of press has been given to the inappropriate behavior of teachers lately. It seems one allegedly sent photos of himself to one of his students. Another allegedly offered a better grade in exchange for the ability to view naked photos of one of his students. Nice, huh?

The problem isn't the texting. The problem is the teachers! I have not been involved with the public ed system since I attended school...more years ago than I will mention here. Fortunately, my kids have either been in private school, or schooled at home. Now they virtual school at home. I will say that I know people who are my contemporaries who had affairs with teachers. My mother has told me of people she knew in school who had affairs with teachers, too. Why is everyone blaming the technology?

I don't know how teachers are screened. I am assuming background checks are done. Is the problem supervision? Evidently, a man who left his wife for a student had exchanged 8,000 texts with her. That's a lot of communication. Yes, we can say someone should have been keeping a better eye on the student (parent?), but we trust our kids to these teachers, and I am wondering if there were red flags that no one stopped to think about or check out.

What do you think of teachers texting?

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