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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Oh, Confusometer. Where were you when I was in college? Where were you when I was in high school, for that matter? 

Who hasn't had a moment where they didn't want to raise their hand in front of 30 other students to say (gasp) they didn't understand! Thanks to Liam Kaufman, a Toronto based computer developer and creator of the Confusometer, those of us who have been intimidated about asking for clarification from a teacher may have a way around it. The Confusometer is part of an app called Understoodit, and it allows students to anonymously let professors know whether or not they understand the material being presented by pressing a "understood" or "confused" button. 

The app is available to several Canadian Universities, including the University of Toronto. Educator's can go the Understoodit website to enter their email address and apply for a beta version of the app. Available for Smart Phones, tablets, and laptops, the Confusometer will hopefully be released by the end of summer to the public. If I were a teacher in a large classroom, I would be putting my name on the list now.

If you are one of the lucky teachers able to beta test Understoodit's Confusometer, I would love to have you review it here!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog @! I am here from bloggy moms blog hop! The Confusometer sounds AWESOME! I wish that I had when I was in college or even high school!

  2. I know, Christie, right?! Thanks for stopping by!


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