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Monday, May 14, 2012

Why would I want my kids to learn virtually?

A lot of parents are asking this question. For some students, a physical school building with traditional learning works well. Or, maybe it works okay, but both parents work, so online learning isn't an option.

But for some kids, virtual schooling is an answer to prayer. Some kids just don't learn well in a traditional setting. Some are intimidated about asking questions (did you read about the Confusometer?) 

In an article in the Daily Press, May 10th, here's what one student had to say about learning online: "After getting expelled from junior high and struggling through three other programs, 15-yearold Salvador Ramirez said he’s feeling “more accomplished” as he catches up with his peers through the VVHS online classes. To me I think I learn more because I can keep going back and if I forget something all I have to do is go back and replay it, and in regular school you would have to go after school to get extra help so you can re-learn it,” Ramirez said.

Exactly. The concept of flipped learning, where teachers spend time with students in class, instead of lecturing in class and sending struggling students home to deal with homework they don't understand, will undoubtedly improve the situation for many. But for others, who not only struggle with academics, but also with fitting in (heard the word "bullying" lately?), these students will hopefully discover online education. 

Would Ramirez have added to the high school drop out rate if he hadn't found VVHS? Wouldn't it be great if the drop-out rate tanked, and students who were struggling didn't give up, but excelled as they schooled virtually?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the future of online ed.

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