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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Disconnected in School

I read a brilliant line in a post today at Mindshift, one of the blogs I regularly read. The post title, 10 Things in School that should be Obsolete, makes a lot of great points, but this one particular line struck me, and it was the first item on the list: Computer Labs.

Why in the world do schools still have computer labs? As if they are still experimenting with the usage! Most kids are connected all over their homes, in the car, at the mall and the movie theater. Yet, in school, they are put in a room where they connect, and often, they are not supposed to connect anywhere else in the school building unless they are at lunch. Crazy!

If you are here regularly, you may have read my post Tweeting is Educational? Yes! This is how I envision school to be, and why we choose to school at home. Though we do use a virtual program, and I am not "teaching" as much as I used to, we are still at home, and can access the tools we feel are most beneficial. This includes educational games.

Bill Gates says "there are lessons to be learned from the enthusiasm kids have when playing video games, including that winning can be a motivator and that students should be able to move to the next level when ready.

I couldn't agree more. That's one of the main reasons we are at home. My older daughter was frequently punished as she was bored in school and finished early, but had to wait until the rest of the class completed their work. When did schools decide that was the way to handle advanced learners?

The Gates Foundation is working on a new game called Refraction, which though it's a work in progress, can be played now at The Center for Game Science.
Players save animals by manipulating fractions to match each animal's particular  required value.
I can't wait to see what the future holds for educating our kids with this new mindset. 

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