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Monday, July 2, 2012

Improve Learning Disabilities & Skills

One of the reasons some parents bring their children home to school is that there is some type of learning disability. Other parents who work and aren't able to teach their children at home also struggle with this issue. Learning problems can cause such friction between a parent and child (or a teacher and child) that the entire family can be affected. As I have seen this happen in many families, I jumped at the offer of Learning Link Technologies to guest post today.

No matter what your child's age, it's never too young to make sure they are developing learning skills. In fact, the building blocks for higher level learning are formed when children are very young. In addition, scientists have found that many learning problems which show up later were actually caused early on. Simple things such as crawling are actually developing the brain for later skill development.

Lisa Harp has developed a very easy at-home system which enhances the building blocks of learning. The system, Building Blocks of Learning, is most often used by school age children but can actually be used (in part) as young as 3. The exercises are very simple and kids find them fun.  Learning problems such as ADD & ADHD can be addressed before they become a bigger issue. 

All Children Can Benefit

Although this system was designed to help those with learning problems, it is recommend it for all kids. Using this with a child who does not exhibit problems will only enhance their learning ability, and if there are weak spots they'll be revealed so you can address them.

For a child who is having problems in school, this program is essential. It will develop learning skills that no amount of tutoring can fix. What's more, sometimes, if there is a learning problem, tutoring can actually make it worse!

Handwriting Issues?

One of the learning issues parents often encounter is associated with extremely poor handwriting. Dysgraphia, by definition, is a learning disability resulting from the difficulty in expressing thoughts in writing and graphing. Extremely poor handwriting is a sign that your child may have this learning disorder. Parents can visit the Learning Link Technologies website for a free Dysgraphia test, and much more information about the many programs offered.

Learning Link Technologies has graciously offered to give away a FULL YEAR ($544.00 value) of this program to one of my readers!  Come back and enter between July 4 -July 18th in the Made In America Blog Hop! Subscribe for a reminder and to be notified of other educational giveaways.

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  1. You are so right about the need to crawl

    However, as a tutor, I am given many children who have ADHD. My success rate is unusually high, and what I do is very simple...anyone can do it.
    Conditions That Cause Or Mimic Learning Disabilities


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